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We have two Standard 5.5% UVB beds, which is a standard in the industry. This comes with one high pressure facial that you can turn on or off while tanning. The max time for this bed is 20 minutes.

Every bed is sanitized after each use and we provide mirrors and cleaning solution if you wish to clean it yourself before use.

We have two Bronzing beds. The frame is larger than the Standard beds. The bulbs inside this bed are 100 watt Ruva bulbs that reduce the amount of UVB, so that you get a nice golden brown tan without the burn. It's a great way to maintain your tan. This bed has two high pressure facials that can be turned on or off throughout the tanning cycle.  Max time for this bed is 18 minutes.

Our High Intensity big frame bed puts out 8.5% UVB for those that want to get their tan going quickly. This bed has two high pressure facials that you can turn on or off while you tan. Max time for this bed is 15 minutes.

Our Turbo Bed is a RUVA bed with bronzing bulbs. It has 3 facial tanners that can be turned off if you'd like.  The max time in this bed is 15 minutes.

This is our Mystic Tan Spray Booth!  Get almost instant color for that special occasion or stay tan all year long without UV rays!  There are 4 colors to choose from to help you get the exact shade you are looking for!